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Thursday, December 13, 2012


I have a lot of aprons to show you today!  I participated in an apron swap over at Katherine's Corner.  She is having a linky party on Friday (12/14/12) to show off all our aprons, so if you like aprons be sure to stop by!
Here is the apron Katherine sent me:

It is perfect for me with all of the cupcakes!  And I love the pink bows!
Here is the apron I sent to Marie, my swap partner.  It is one of my favorites I have made with the gingham ruffles! (I had to put a t-shirt on the mannequin! LOL)
I really enjoy apron swaps, although this is only the second one I have participated in.
I thought I would share some aprons I made for Christmas presents also.  My sister said she wanted a ladybug apron for Christmas.  Wow, that's easy for me to do!  I was going to make my niece a matching apron, but when I was digging through my fabric I found this one that was pre-printed on the fabric and I had already cut it out.  I had the polka dots already out for my sister's apron and thought it would make a perfect ruffle on Johnna's apron, so I added it, and am very glad I did!
It says "more sprinkles please".  I also made two aprons for her Barbie dolls.
They were so easy to make, took me 10-15 minutes for both!  I just cut it out with my pinking shears, ironed it under and sewed it down.  I guessed at the shape and size by holding it up to the Barbie doll, then used ribbon for the ties.  My husband took the picture for me and did not get a very good picture of the yellow one, but it is the same as the green one, just a different fabric.
 I wanted to make her some Barbie Doll clothes, but did not have time, my friend Chrystal had some she had made, so I bought them from her.
For my sister's apron I bought all the ladybug fabrics I could find.  Do you think there is enough ladybugs for her?  She also likes butterflies, so the top one is perfect!
The dark green does not match well, oh well.  Can you believe that I could not find the pattern I was going to use?  I pulled it out last week, and it has totally disappeared!  I bet I find it mixed in with some fabric some where.  I cut the dark green fabric 19 inches long and all three layers 36 inches wide.  The next layer was about four inches shorter and the next about three inches shorter.  I was not exact on the lengths as you can tell.
I made the top and the pocket the same way.  The top is a ten inch square, I didn't measure the pocket.  I cut two pieces of each and sewed them right sides together, and then turned them right side out.

I then lined the tops with the black polka dots.
I sewed the pocket onto the yellow fabric about an inch up from the hem.
I gathered all three layers of the bottom at the same time, that was not easy!  I then made a waistband and sewed the "skirt" in between the folded layers.
I added the ties to each end of the waistband, I did it this way so I would not have a seam in the middle of the waistband.
I sewed all the way across the bottom of the ties and waistband.  I pinned the the top to the waistband and sewed across the top of the waistband and ties.  I then sewed the neck on. I had cut all the ties and waistband three inches.  Here is how I made my ties.
I felt like it needed something at the bottom, I had a small strip left, so i made a fabric flower and added a daisy which matches the yellow fabric.  Go here for directions on how to make the flower.
I really should have put the flower on the other side from the pocket.  I was in a hurry trying to get these gifts done to send off today!
If you have any questions, just ask, I know this was not a very detailed tutorial.  Be sure to check out my apron pin board!
What homemade gifts are you making this year?
Have a merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

They're all adorable Missy. LLove the Barbie ones. My mom used to make all my Barbie clothes. Wish I still had them.

My Sister Made Me Do It.... said...

What fun you're having with those aprons, Missy....I think the dark green goes perfect....I think most times we are our own worst critics. When I was growing up we were always admonished to wear our aprons in the kitchen so as not to mess up our good clothes.....these days I never wear one.....LOL...Love all those ladybugs!

Sarah said...

I'm afraid I can't pick a favorite - they are all great! I wear an apron all the time in the kitchen and I guess I need to make a prettier one - mine is very functional. hav eyou ever made an "apron" for your dish detergent bottle? Mine was a gift and has seen better days but they are fun. I'll get you a picture if you like...

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Very cute! I think I'm looking for a duster pattern. I have problems with things pulling on my neck so I tend to avoid aprons unless the straps sent all the way down rather than like a halter. I haven't had any luck yet.

Christine said...

How cute! I love the ladybug one.

Katherines Corner said...

I'm happy you like your apron, thank you for the mention. I love all of your aprons!!! xo

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Your aprons are so cute!!!...Love the cupcakes and lady bugs!!

The ATELIER Handmade said...

Love your aprons, all of them.

Susie @homemaker-mom.com said...

I love cupcakes! Love your apron! Enjoy!

Diana of Diana Rambles said...

So cute! Even one for the doll!

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