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Monday, February 25, 2013

Color help for maverick stars!

I am going to a sort of quilt retreat in April.  It is called a TOGA, treadle on gathering academy.  As ya'll know, I love treadles and hand cranks, although I still have not been able to get my treadle to work right!  I get a lot of my help from treadleon.net, they have an email group where can ask questions and talk about your people powered sewing machines!  They have TOGAs all over the country.  The NE TX TOGA is April 5 and 6th.  It is a quilt retreat, but everybody uses hand cranks or treadles!  If you are interested in going, check their yahoo group! 

One lady will be doing a demo on Bonnie Hunter's Maverick Stars.  You can see the pattern here. 

Have you made this pattern before?  I was thinking of making the stars yellow and the background blue using scraps in those colors.  Do you think it would look better if I made the points blue and the middle yellow and the background white?  I have a lot of 2 1/2 scraps in those colors from my scrappy trip along.
I don't have any small pieces for the tips, do you think it would work if I just my squares in half and use those?
I have no idea what I am going to do with the blocks after I make them!  LOL  I'm open to suggestions!

I converted a sewing machine last week.  I found an electric 99k without a foot pedal.  I took the motor off, and put a spoked wheel and a hand crank on it.

 I had to borrow my hand crank assembly from my 15 and now need to buy another set for my machine. My 15 is not as pretty as the 99, but it is an old friend and I'll keep her and the 99 is going to a friend.
After a couple of hours of cleaning and oiling it sews like a dream!

What have you been up to?

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Unknown said...

I need to get myself back in the sewing room now that my daughter's wedding is finished. The stars look wonderful and I like your color choices. Enjoy your TOGA!

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