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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Quick Chicken Soft Tacos

Last night I had some chicken to cook, but we had eaten chicken the night before also.  I'm tired of eating the same things all the time (my husband is a very picky eater).  I had some tortillas in the fridge so I decided to make chicken soft tacos.  Looked up a few recipes online and did not want to spend much time cooking supper.  I used to work full time, so I have learned how to cook quick meals.  I took a frying pan and cut up some onions and threw them in the hot skillet which I had put a little bit of olive oil in to prevent sticking.  Meanwhile, I took my scissors and cut the chicken breast in small, bite-size pieces.  Tossed some flour and salt on it and then threw it in another skillet to cook, next time I will only use one skillet and throw it in with the onions since I added them to the onions anyways!  I hate doing dishes and am always trying to find ways to use less pots and pans.  I put some garlic through my garlic press and threw that in.  I didn't add the garlic first because it has a tendency to burn.  I sprinkled salt and taco seasoning over it all and continued to cook it until cooked thoroughly.  My husband came home and was like "what about the cheese?"  Totally forgot the cheese!  He shredded some cheddar and mozzarella (his idea) and we threw it all together in the tortillas.  It was really good and even my husband liked it!  It took less then 30 minutes from start to finish!  If you have any veggies, you can always add lettuce, tomatoes, black olives, salsa or sour cream.  We liked them plain and I put salsa on everything.  I had tried a new brand of salsa and it had molded!  Gross!
Hope you enjoy it, I know there are no measurements but I just did it all to taste.

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