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Monday, February 6, 2012

White Vibrating Shuttle Sewing Machine

I went to that junk shop where I got my treadle.  For more info on that go here:  http://missyscakesandaprons.blogspot.com/2012/01/treadle-sewing-machine-and-winner.html
I had seen a green sewing machine cabinet that I wanted to use for my Janome, at $25 that is cheaper than buying a new ugly plastic one.
I had just seen a peek since there was something sitting on top of it.
I opened it up and looked at it and it was a White number 8 electrical sewing machine.

It was pretty filthy, I wanted you to see the metal underneath the machine.

This is the inside of the door on the cabinet, see the place for the threads?  There are also two little shelves.
I found this manual for a white number 8 vibrating shuttle, and the owner of the shop gave it to me because we thought it was the manual for my machine.
I started looking through the manual and it is for a treadle that looks just like my machine, they both say white number 8, but the designs are different.  My machine is also a vibrating shuttle.
I called the Viking 1-800 # I got here:
This is a great article on White treadle machines from treadleon.net, a great resource for treadle and hand cranked sewing machines.  The serial number is 1833719, according to the operator it was manufactured in 1934 in Cleveland, OH.  According to another serial number list it is from 1928, from the style and stuff that makes more sense.  That is the only info she had.  So we do not know if it was originally a hand powered machine that was later converted or if it was made new as electric.
I still love this cabinet, so I have two people warring inside me right now.  On the one hand I love antiques and I don't want to mess with it unless it is to refurbish it(although the chord is so old it is scary) or do I go ahead and gut it and make it into the much needed sewing machine cabinet I need for my Janome so that I get it off the kitchen table?  What do you think?  Please comment and let me have your opinion or any information about this machine.
Update:  I have decided to keep the two together, My vintage loving self just could not take them apart!  LOL
Oh, here is another great article on the history of White sewing machines
Torn between between history and necessity,

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