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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How to sew on a button - fast

We had a button party on Saturday night to sew buttons on the quilt for the doors on all the birdhouses.  We sewed on 45 buttons.  I worked at a dry cleaners while I was in college for a few months.  I learned how to sew on buttons the quick and easy way and thought I would share the handy trick with ya'll.  Please excuse the picture quality, I forgot my camera and had to use my phone.
First you pull off a piece of thread, I usually do from my hand to my shoulder.
Then you fold that long piece of thread in half.
 Take the end with the loop (at the fold) and put it through your needle.

 You now have 4 strands on your needle.

 At the bottom of the four strands tie a knot and you are ready to go.  Now you only have to go through your button once or twice and will save a lot of time!

Here I am showing everyone how to thread their needles.

We had lots of help!  Valerie is really concentrating.
Her sister Tabitha is also helping.  They were promoted from ironing all the fabric.
Pam is sewing buttons while I had Lauren snipping my threads from the quilting and cutting pieces of thread for the button sewers.
I was hand quilting the embroidery block while Kristi hand quilted the birds.
I found that an embroidery hoop also helped with the hand quilting.
Cynthia was also helping with buttons while Ebbye took pictures.  (Tabitha and Valerie's mom.)  She also took pictures of the kids playing while we worked.

Here are some random pictures, hope this tutorial helps.  I have to get back to quilting, I only have two days left!
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