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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Let the Quilting Begin!

I have my quilt all set up and ready to quilt!  
I quilt on my Industrial 16 treadle who was born in 1890 and sews like a dream.

 Here is her pedal.  My stitches are not always even at first, when I free motion quilt, but it is my own fault.  I need to make sure my hands do not go faster than my feet.  As long as I have a rhythm going, my stitches are fine.  Electric machines have the same problem, there is really no difference.
 I have to use a mat when I free motion quilt.  I think I might like to find a bigger one, to cover more area.  I am not able to drop the feed dogs, at least I don't think I am able to.  Some people say you don't have to drop the feed dogs, just put the stitch length at zero, I still like my mat though.
 I need to make sure I have enough lighting, my three dollar chandelier helps with that!  My husband painted it green for me.  Green and blue are my colors for my sewing room.
 Here are my quilter's gloves for free motion quilting.  Painter's tape to tape down my mat, it won't affect the finish on my machine.  I have my screw driver to put on my darning foot.  I am able to use standard low shank feet on this machine.  I also have my tweezers for grabbing threads.
 I paid two dollars for this foot at a a hole in the wall shop in TX.
 Here she is, ready to go!
I started quilting today but I actually cut my knuckle on the needle, I got a little too close.  At least I didn't sew through the finger!

What is your favorite quilting tool?


Psalms 8:6
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Sarah said...

One of my favorite quilting tools is the Halo. It's a heavy metal ring covered in red rubber. It keep the fabric inside the ring flat and the rubber grips the fabric. I learned to love the Halo when I couldn't stand gloves in the Miami heat.

Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

I actually removed my feed dogs from one of my machines so it is easier to free motion quilt. The supreme slider is my favorite quilting tool.

Pam @Threading My Way said...

My favourite quilting tool is my pair of quilting gloves. They make such a difference. I love seeing photos of your treadle machine. That's what I learnt to sew on.

Paws n Sew said...

I agree with your second commenter about removing the feed dogs. I have a Singer 16-35, just a few years newer than your 16 (and your sewing machine inspired me to look for mine). I removed the feed dogs and bought a darning plate from a place that sells industrial sewing machine parts. It cost between $5-10, closer to 5. It is black and blank except for the needle hole. It also fits the Singer 31-15 as well as many other straight stitch industrial machines.

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