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Monday, March 13, 2017

Picture of Vintage Sewing Machines/Or My house the Museum

Last week I shared pictures of the projects everyone brought.  Today I will show you how I set up my sewing room and living room in anticipation of talking about my machines.  I will share information about the machines in several posts, this is just an overview.
The first pictures are of my sewing room.

Singer 66 Redeye hand crank next to attachments and a puzzle box

Singer 16 Industrial Treadle

Singer 66 with Lotus decals

Singer Featherweight

Japanese 15 style "clones"

My design wall on the right, and the quilt I'm working on draped over the TV

Featherweight, Industrial head, modern Janome, Japanes 15 clone(dark green)

Japanese 15 style "clones"

My living room

Singer Model 12 treadle

New Home converted to a hand crank

On the coffee table Singer 99 converted hand crank

I forgot to take a picture of the Franklin treadle I had in front of the fireplace
You can see a picture of it here:  
Counting my two toy sewing machines and one electric not shown, I have 16 sewing machines.  I'll give more information about the machines in later posts.

How many sewing machines do you have?

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