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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Wilcox and Gibbs Chainstitch Machine

I went to a yard sale today and saw this treadle.  I had to have it!  Can you blame me?  It is filthy and the top is in terrible condition.  But it was a great price.
I was on my way to the sew in day at the local art gallery.  Judy had asked me to help her convert a 99 she bought, into a hand crank.  The wiring was shot on it.  She had already cleaned it up some and I showed her how I cleaned a machine and the materials I use.  When we started, it did not want to turn, but after cleaning and oiling her, she works like a charm!
While she worked on her machine, I worked on cleaning my new machine.

After three hours of cleaning, this is how she looked.  She still needs some more cleaning, but already looks a lot better!
I can't wait to finish cleaning her up and find out more information about her.
I'm not sure where to find the serial number at.  If anyone can tell me, I would appreciate it!

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