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Friday, June 4, 2010

"The Kitchen Linens Book" by EllenAnne Geisel

I just read "The Kitchen Linens Book" by EllynAnne Geisel and could not decide if this post should go on my book blog ( bodaciousbookworms.blogspot.com ) or here. I put a picture of the author and her book at the top of my post. I have a video of her on the Sunday Morning Show talking about her aprons here:

Be sure to check it out, she is a true southern belle.

If you love to bake and decorate cakes, or if you love aprons, you probably love to entertain.  When I have company I love to get out my tablecloth and napkins and the silver nobody in the Shay family wanted but I absolutely love!  People always wonder about me fussing and using this stuff for casual get togethers.  My opinion is that if you take the time to cook and bake it should look fabulous!  Why should the silver be put up and only used once a year?  Get out your old tablecloths, the goblets, the china and have a nice table set, even if it is just for your family once a month.  Don't worry about spills and things getting broken, the memories you will make for your family is worth it!

The book is a combination of vintage linens, history, memories and plain fun! She shares many memories of her linens, why she chose the linens she has and how to pair them together when entertaining. She gives entertaining tidbits and some recipes. She also explains the different linens and weaves of the material and stuff like that. She has lots of photos of linens, aprons, and pictures of her using her linens through the years. Mrs. Geisel is fun and witty as she talks about her passion. The book is easy to read and informative. Here is a video where Mrs. Geisel talks about her book:

Go to your bookstore or local library and get one for yourself!


I also found her website, which I absolutely love!


Happy baking and entertaining!

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