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Monday, June 14, 2010

Making Fondant People

Okay, so the baby shower I have been working on for months is this week!  I have designed the cake to be a two tier cake and the background of the cake is going to match the background of the plates I picked out.  The topper is going to be a pregnant mother eating cookies and milk.  Cookies and milk is the theme for the shower.  I got the idea of the pregnant mom from here:
The problem is that I have never made a person out of fondant before.  YIKES!  I have been looking on youtube trying to learn how to make a fondant figure and thought I would share some of the good videos I found with you!  If you find a good tutorial please share, so far I've only found them for kids.
This one is on how to make a fondant face:

The only thing is that the face is ugly and I couldn't give Kristi an ugly face that everyone will laugh at!  But there was still a lot of good hints in here, her nose is way too masculine!

Carol Deacon (I have several of her books)  gives a tutorial on how to make a gumpaste figure, unfortunately it is a man and I still need to figure out how to make the dress.  I still learned from this video though.   be sure to watch the related videos to make the rest of this figure!

This was a cute little girl, unfortunaetly she didn't show how to make the dress, but she did show how to make the cookies!

This is all I found, so if you find any kind of tutorial on making a dress (Iwant them to look like the ones from The Pink Cake Box), please let me know!

Happy Baking!

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