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Friday, November 14, 2014

Feline Friday

Hello, my name is Muffin Man, but everyone calls me Muffin.  My mom thinks it's funny to sing the "Do you know the Muffin Man" song to me.  I'm too dignified for that though.  I'm in charge of all of the cats at my house even though I am only five.
I keep track of any cats that come in to my yard too.

Of course, I have to make my rounds on the sewing machines when mommy leaves the door open.  That is my brother Tiger behind me.
The other cats like to snuggle with him because he is so fuzzy.  Oreo is pretty fuzzy too though.  He is one of the "kittens" because they are the youngest, even though they are 1 1/2 now.

Oreo is always getting into something.
This is Pippi.  I raised her from a baby, she was four weeks old when she came home.  I took over the care of cleaning her and keeping her warm.  I also taught her to go potty.  Mommy really appreciated the help.  She is four now.

These three really like to hang out in Mom's dress form.

Cupcake is Oreo's sister.  She is always causing trouble and getting into places she shouldn't.  Mommy thinks she is the one who ate her cactus last night.
The other kitten, their sister, is Custard.  She thinks she is a princess and does not always do what you want.  She would not sit still for a picture!
She finally was still, but only to take a bath.

We have two more in our house.  They are older then me, but I'm still in charge!
This is Precious, he is about 16 years old.  Mommy is not sure because he was a stray she adopted in AR.  He is not doing very well, so we all take care of him.
Our other elder is Squeeky, she is nine years old.  I like to chase her because she screams as if I'm killing her.  It is very funny because I don't even touch her!

Be sure to check out Denise's blog at Count it All Joy.  She asked Mommy to write this post, but I would not let her say what she wanted to, I took it over.  Of course, Mommy is also linking up with Sarah at Sarah Did It for Feline Friday.


Michelle said...

Oh..what a fun post. I love the pics of the kitties in your dress form.

Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

Good post Muffin! Thanks for taking the time to introduce your siblings. If you want to find out about a family ask one of the siblings.

Denise :) said...

GREAT post!! I loved all the pics of the furbabies in the dress form -- how funny is that!! Your crew has such personality and they're all such beautiful cats, Missy!! :)

Sarah said...

Hi MM - thanks for the intros to everyone!! You must have your paws full being in charge. The pic of Oreo and Tiger looks like it should be in a calendar!! Poor Precious and Squeeky - they look lonely sitting by themselves but I'm glad all y'all take care of Precious.

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

What a precious post Missy, they are all so sweet and Muffin Man really knows how to tell a story!

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