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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Seam Rippers

I love my seam ripper.  A Facebook friend, my Pampered Chef lady, asked me to make a phone case for her Android using a pinterest tutorial for an IPhone. To be honest, I looked at the tutorial and then did my own thing.   I also have an Android but mine is half an inch bigger than hers, but I figured I better make mine first in case of mistakes.
I finished it, but it is too small, I forgot to take a picture of it finished, but don't worry I'll be sharing a tutorial when I finish it.  I had to undo part of the sewing to make it a little bigger, it still doesn't fit my phone but I'm hoping it will fit another friend's phone.
 I decided to make another one for myself, this one without a pocket and with a flap instead.  I had sewed the entire thing and turned it right side out when I realized I forgot to put on the tab.  So, I turned it back out and seam ripped one side, figured where I wanted my tab and sewed it out, instead of in.  It has to be sewed in to be in the right place when you turn it right side out.  I had sewn just right past the ribbon when I realized it.  I ripped that seam out.

 I turned the ribbon inside, and sewed over it about three times then down the rest of the side.  Do you see what I did?  It is supposed to be sewn to the right side of the material between the two pieces of fabric.  I need to rip this seam out and fix it or my tab will be between the two pieces of fabric when it is turned.  But it will have to wait until in the morning, because when I start making this many mistakes it must mean that I'm tired.
The worst part is that I sewed the tab on just right the first time on the other case!
I'll redo the the tab in the morning and if I like the way it turns out, I'll share my version of a tutorial for you.
Have a good night ya'll!

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