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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Vintage Feet

 I got some old attachments for (I hope) my treadle   Some of them are Greist attachments.  It is a company that used to make attachments for sewing machines.  I don't know how old they are, but they look like some of the attachments in my manual for my treadle http://missyscakesandaprons.blogspot.com/2012/01/treadle-sewing-machine-and-winner.html  The above picture on the left is my new ruffle foot attachment, the right is the old one.  Below is a close up view.  To think that I thought my ruffle foot attachment was something new!
 Here is another comparison.  On the left is my new screwdriver and quilter's guide (which I still need to learn how to use) and on the right are the old ones.
 Left are my new needles, the right are my old needles.
My friends from treadleon.com told me that this one is a zipper foot!
 The next two pictures are of the same foot, I wanted you to see the bottom of it.  It is to make a narrow hem.  I think that it does the whole hemming process for you? Or it could be:   This foot does felling, which I believe is the same as the hemmer according to my Franklin manual.  Flat felled seams are the seams you see on jeans, here is information on how to make one http://sewing.about.com/od/techniques/ss/flatfelled.htm  Did you notice they did not use a special foot?  I'm not sure which it is, or maybe it is the same thing?

These are called wide hemmers, I think.  I believe they are supposed to be used with the above foot.  That is nice not to have to worry about your hems and just let the foot do the work!
 I don't know what these are for either.
 I believe this is the under braider, used for sewing on braids, piping anything raised.
 The one below is a tuck marker.  This should make tucks and pleats easier!
 These are the new feet that came with my new sewing machine.
 These are miscellaneous parts, screw driver, quilt guide, needles, a screw and whatever that big, nut looking  thing is.
If you can help me out by identifying some of these feet I would appreciate it!  I won't be able to tell if I can use them on my machine until I get it fixed.  I have two more phone cases to make, what are you working on right now?
Happy sewing ya'll!


Simply Scaife Family said...

Wish I knew what they were...I learned so much just from reading your post! Hope you get the information you are needing.

Anonymous said...

Hi missy, the photo with the differant width feet is used for making bias tape. Hope this helps you, love from thr uk. x

LV said...

You do have a vintage machine. I was never into sewing, so I know nothing about machines. I am sure someone can help you,

Sue McPeak said...

It is soooo neat to see a 'New Generation' of young women interested in vintage sewing machines. I too have a treadle along with the same NEW machine as yours, and have sewn on many of all the machines inbetween. One of my favorites that most of your vintage attachments will work on is the Singer Featherweight.

The 'Big Nut' is used to attach guides to the base of your machine. There's a hole next to the base plate where it fits. The smaller screw looks like a needle screw that tightens the needle in the shaft.

Today I'm sharing a special post about the 1940 US Census Community Project. I hope you will stop by CollectInTexas Gal and see how this information might be helpful to you...especially if you are interested in your Family's Genealogy...Sue

Nani said...

I can't help identify them, but I love seeing vintage everyday things. Thanks for sharing these!

Sharon B said...

" I don't know what these are for either."

The one on the far right is used with a screw so that you can control your seam allowances.

Sorry can't help with the others :(

Katherines Corner said...

sorry sweetie I can't help...xo

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