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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Scrappy pin cushion

What do you do with all of your scraps?  I decided to make a pin cushion, I really did not have time to make a cute one like on of these on my pinterest board. .

 I just grabbed some of my scraps and started sewing them together willy nilly like a crazy quilt.
I trimmed it up with my ruler on a slant.  I then sewed up the sides leaving an opening for the stuffing.
Wanna know what I did for the stuffing?  I took a bunch of those little bitty trimmings I usually throw away, I really like it because it made my pin cushion a little heavier than regular stuffing would be and I didn't have to buy any rice or sand.
Here is the back of it.  I put a pin in it to hide the thread from the button.
Unfortunately, I could not get my button to give me a "dimple", oh well.
This is where I'm keeping it, in the door of my green cabinet.  A couple of my cats like to pull the pins out of my pin cushion and the pin cushion I have will not ft here, so this is a perfect set up for me!
I finally decided what to do with the machine in the cabinet, I'm selling it to a friend.  She is going to convert it to a treadle.  I put my Singer Redeye 66 hand crank in it.
My husband helped me.
He used the sander to make it fit better on the edges.
 I love the way it looks in the green cabinet.  Did you know it is also called a redhead?  It takes class 66 bobbins.  It was made in 1918 and sews better than my newer machines!
I've been sewing my scrappy trip along on it, I love sewing with my hand crank!
Here is my trail of chain stitching underneath the cabinet.
Happy quilting!
"Oh taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in Him." Psalm 34:8

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