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Monday, February 11, 2013

Vintage Quilts

I wanted to share some beautiful quilts I  saw at the antique mall.  I do not know the name of this one, but I love all of the scraps used in it, and the centers are yo-yo's!
 I believe this one would be called a Grandma's fan, I love how the use of the white wedges makes it look like a sunburst!
 These are yo-yo's that are connected by crocheting!  It was gorgeous and very old!  The placement of the yo-yo's reminds me of a Grandmother's Flower Garden with yo-yo's instead of hexies!
 Here are 3 yo-yo quilts, I wish I had also gotten a close up view.
 Can you believe this trip around the world?  I love the colors and it is gorgeous!  I wish I could have bought this one and brought it home!  I am thinking this quilt needs to be on my to-do list!
I love this quilt, it was white with embroidered designs all over it!
 Here is a close up view.  I wonder if the pink on the border was actually red at one time to match the circles?  What a lot of work!

 Another beautiful scrappy quilt!  This is a pattern I need to try sometime!
I love old quilts, don't you?
I got more pinwheels from Cheryl in Maryland, bringing me up to 64 counting the ones I made.
I've run out of the brown fabric (I kind of wish I had not used it because it is so dark), but to late now, I was kind of thinking of maybe adding this red fabric in place of the brown, what do you think?  Or should I do a navy blue?
 You can see my original dark color was the dark yellowish orange.
Thanks for your help!
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