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Friday, September 9, 2016

Bench Redo Tutorial

 I bought this bench last Spring for $15!  We shampooed it but it was still stained.  The cats love this bench in front of the window.  Muffin thinks it matches him nicely.
The first thing I day was unscrew the top from the bottom, it was easy peasy.  Don't forget your model!  Pippi loves to model, too bad I took all of the pictures on my phone.

Then I got very analytical by laying the bench on top of the material, the material was face down on the floor.  Don't forget the cat to hold it down for you!  Then you just cut the material, leaving enough room to fold it over the bench.  Hard, huh?
I folded over the short ends first, stretching it tight.  Next, fold over the long ends.  I used my thumb to push in the corner when folding that piece over, see the picture.  Otherwise you will have a little bump at the corner.
I used a staple gun to staple down the fabric.  Before stapling the whole long side, check where your screw holes are and mark them with a pen.  After you finish stapling the long sides, poke the screw holes.
The last step is super easy, just screw the screws back in, make sure the holes in the bottom of the bench match up with  the holes in the top of the bench.
I had this gray print material to use in my living room.  Squeeky likes the new cover better because it now matches her instead of Muffin!
I hope this tutorial helps!



Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

Turned out gorgeous. I bet the furbabies are happy to have their bench back too.

Jenny - the lilac cat said...

Love the new bench. I must look out for one myself. I'm sure I could rely on my cats to 'assist' as yours did!!!

Kim said...

Looks awesome!

Pam @Threading My Way said...

Great job, Missy. Looks fabulous!!!

Sarah said...

What a fun project - especially with all the different models!

Little Penpen said...

Looks great!!

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