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Monday, May 16, 2011

Sweet Jubilee Cake Show

Susan Hamilton allowed me to interview her about the upcoming Sweet Jubilee Cake Show

1. Tell me a little about yourself:
I was a theater major in college and am now a supervisor at Texas Instruments. (That makes much sense doesn't it? LOL) However it is hard to turn my back on the love of art so I don't. I am currently trying to use both sides of my brain.  It is all still a work in progress. I am now on the Denison Arts Council and can talk and hang out with some wonderfully creative people. I still love to act and try different kinds of arts. I tried my hand at cake decorating with Sheryl Robinson at Patty Cakes in Sherman, Tx. I met the funnest group of people and so talented. I had fun doing the classes but I figured out that it wasn't for me for me. I wasn't good at it. What I love about cakes, is that it does not matter  if you have cupcakes that you have made in your hands people like to see you coming. That is the art of cake and cake decorating for me.

2. What is the Sweet Jubilee Cake and Sugar Arts Show?
The Sweet Jubilee Cake and Sugar Art Show will be a party showcasing the wonderful Cake and Sugar Artist as artists in our community. It will be accompanied by a street festival outside and an art show intermingled throughout the entire event.

3. How many years has this show run?
This is our first year. So we hope to make it fun!!

4. What are the dates and times?
June 18th 10am - 6pm in the 400 block of Main Street Denison Tx. The website is:   smalltownbigart.com/events to get the map of the area. We will have the 400 block for festival type festivities outside and the cake and sugar and vendors in the different art galleries. The galleries that will be housing the cakes and sugar art as well as the demonstrations will be Mary Karams at 404 West Main Street, Images is 408 West Main, and then there is the 416 West Gallery which is at ......416 West Main :) . The Sweet Spot show will be at 413 West Main Street at the Artplace Gallery and Framing. The Sweet Spot will be several of the local artists using different painting and techniques to create their own version of sugar art. It has been hush hush.....I have not see the pieces yet and am anxiously awaiting the unveiling of the show on June 1st as it will run through the whole month.

5. Who will the judges be?
The judges are Carley King from the Sugar Wonders Cake Club in Allen, TX, Ryan Coffey of Frosted Art Bakery, and Porsha Kimble from the Sweet Sensations Cake Club in Arlington, TX and teacher of cake decorating classes.

6. Will there be any kind of demonstrations? If so, by whom?
Cristy Alcorn Russell will put together a wonderful cupcake bouquet and also a wedding cake demo, Michelle Foster will pull sugar flowers and Ryan Coffey will be doing a sculpted  fish bowl cake.

7. What can we expect to see at the show?
Aside from the obvious sweet art.....we will have all kinds of neat booths such as jewelry makers, soap and candle makers and music. We will have the neat antique malls open as well as a lot of the shops will have sidewalk sales and the art galleries will be open. We also have recently opened the Denison Farmers Market, which is just a street over so there will be plenty to do and see in Denison. All the shops and restaraunts around Main Street will be open for everyone to play, shop and eat. You can admire the art, cake and sugar art and watch demonstrations. Every year I say I am going to do what my mom says and shop throughout the year for Christmas and I think I will have the opportunity at this time. By the way, in this town there is always the possibilty of sporadic drum circles and hooping.

8. I've noticed it is part of the Denison Art Show, do you consider cake decorating an art form?
YES!! Denison has a lot of art shows as they are a wonderful art district with some very talented artists. We decided on the cake show and then some of the gallery owners have challenged some of the artists in the galleries to bring out their sweet tooth for some of their future pieces. Either way the artists have wonderful art in the galleries year round but we hope to enhance and challenge our artists to bring out some "bakery potential artwork".

Thank you Susan!  It sounds pretty exciting, it is definitely not your typical cake show!

Who plans on going?

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