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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I'm having internet problems for the past couple of days.  When I click to either open or close a webpage my internet stops working on me.  Whether I am looking at a blog or trying to open a FB link from my mail - does not bother.  It is taking me forever to get anything done, and I have a terrific tutorial to post for you, but I can't download any pictures!
While we are waiting on my husband to fix my computer (he's working overtime right now) I wanted to let you know that I finally bit the bullet and am on pinterest now.  I still haven't quite figured out what happens when I follow people yet though.  I'm still learning.
This is the best way I think of to describe pinterest.
Remember years ago when we would cut recipes, home decorating ideas, fashion ideas, crafts and stuff from magazines and then sort them into folders?  Well I think this is the same thing, but instead of paper and scissors we find something we like on the internet and "pin" it onto a "board".  The pinning is the scissors and glue and the board is the folder!  Talking about using less clutter!  In fact I am making a dress similar to an idea I pinned to one of my boards right now!
Please follow me, I'm pinning apron tutorials (did you notice that page of mine is gone?) I'm pinning them now instead.  I'm also pinning recipes I want to try and sewing and quilt tips, ideas and patterns.  Not to mention ideas for my new house in MO.  I just started a board for treadles also that I will be pinning resources and pictures to.
You are welcome to follow me!  Follow Me on Pinterest

Have a great day and if anyone has any ideas on how to fix my internet I am open to suggesetions I have internet explorer and I'm afraid I have a virus.



Rebecca's Reflections said...

Welcome to the fabulous world of Pinterest!!! I have def. enjoyed having a pinterest account and getting tons of ideas!!! =)

Michelle said...

I'm using explorer and all week, I've had trouble getting specific pages on Blogger blogs to open. Read somewhere that someone else was having trouble with comments...maybe it's a Blogger problem and not our computers. Wouldn't that be nice?

I might have to start a Pinterest account just so I can follow you and watch for those apron tutorials!

retrorevival.biz said...

Missy, I just joined Pinterest too! I'd be putting it off for months now but glad I did it, although I'm still stumbling through it, trying to find my way!


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