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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Drinking Water

glass of water with lemon slice
I do not have a real recipe to share with you today.  I tried a recipe for cauliflower mash last night, it was so gross I could not eat it.  I HATE wasting food and will usually finish eating stuff, even if I don't like it - but I could not eat that!  So I ate half a cucumber for supper instead!  LOL  It's still in my fridge because I don't want to throw all that food away!  (OK, I admit I'm a little obsessive about waste not want not).
Let's talk about water.  Every morning when I get up I have a glass of water before eating breakfast.  I've always had cold water but have recently learned that room temperature water is actually better.
Here is an article I found on that.
I also recommend putting a slice of lemon in your water to help detoxify your system.  The lemon and water helps to cleanse out your system.  Here is an excellent article I found on why lemon water.
I often joke that this is my morning cup of coffee, although I have never liked coffee, this is definitely a lot healthier than jolting your body with caffeine first thing in the morning.  I never have trouble waking up in the morning either, so be sure to try it out!
Whatever you do, please do NOT drink your tap water!  I fill glass jugs with filtered water from the store and several of my friends use a Berkey.  You would not believe what all is added in your tap water, including recycled urine.  SO gross!  I can't wait to move to the country and have well water, I'll buy me a Berkey, but at least the water will be fresh.  They add fluoride to the water which is poisonous http://www.naturalnews.com/030952_CDC_fluoride.html  It actually causes deaths!  Here are several articles that tell about all the stuff they add to our drinking water.  http://www.naturalnews.com/drinking_water.html  If you care about your health, check it out.  They add psych drugs like Prozac in your water too. 
Be sure to get you some filtered water or spring water and have a glass with lemon every morning before you start your day.  You'll feel a lot better if you do!

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