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Friday, April 15, 2011

Making More Fun Characters with Gumpaste DVD


I love penguins.  I have collected penguins for over 20 years.  BUT I have never made a penguin themed cake!  I always make cakes that other people request and then I'm too worn out to make a cake "just because".  A lady I met at the OK Cake Show won two of these videos and she was kind enough to give me one!  YEAH, now I HAVE to make myself a penguin cake!  This DVD is called "Making More Fun Characters With Gumpaste - Arctic Friends" with Kaye Unisa-Hartman.  I tried to find more info on Kaye on the internet but I could not find anything.  The DVD had great instructions on it and she makes it look so easy!  The only thing I did not like about it is that she does all of the modelling, but a man does all of the talking.  You only see her hands doing the work, I just don't feel like it is very personable - however the directions are very easy to follow.  This is a great video for learning how to make Arctic Friends.  You can find the video here:  http://www.petalcrafts.com/instructional-dvds.html  I also was given the teapot video, I'll have to make those next month though because I am practicing making penguins today!!  I made one yesterday but my fondant was too soft and he has a huge bottom from the drooping!!  Tylose powder will fix the problem, but I don't have any or a cake supply store close enough to buy some from.  I do have a gumpaste mix, so I will mix my black fondant with some gum paste to help firm up my penguins.  I don't like the site where you order the videos from because 1.  the videos are $50!!!! and 2. they sell "naughty" cake toppers.  I am sure you can find the videos on ebay or amazon though at an affordable price.
Wow, do you realize I have done a post everyday this week?  That's unusual for me!  LOL
Today is also my first date anniversary with my husband.  17 years today, it's easy to remember because it is tax day.  I'll have to tell you that story sometime! 
Have a great weekend ya'll, I'm going shopping at Antique Alley tomorrow in Cleburne, TX.  Miles and miles of yard sales!

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