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Monday, April 11, 2011

Watermelon Punch

I did it again!  I hosted a baby shower on Saturday and left my camera at home!  I'll post pics as soon as my friends email me the pictures though!  Meanwhile let me tell you about the punch.  I wanted something cool and refreshing and easy to make.  I found several different versions and changed it to suit my taste, for ex: no way was I going to take the time to squeeze 15 limes when I had a cake to decorate!  LOL

Watermelon Punch
1Big Watermelon
8 oz lime juice
2 bottles sparkling white grape juice
Handful of mint

A seedless watermelon works best, unless you have the time to seed the watermelon.  Put into the blender with half a handful to a whole handful of dried spearmint.  Add a whole bottle of 8 oz. lime juice.  Put fresh mint leaves in the punch.  Put in freezer for at least 2-3 hours to make it slushy.  Don't leave it in the freezer too long or it will freeze solid!  When you are ready to serve, add two bottles of chilled sparkling white grape juice.   Just be careful with the bottles.  They had plastic corks that my friend had to remove for me.  After I poured the bottle in, I was pushing the cork back in to throw it away and the inside of the base of my finger got caught in between the cork and the bottle.  I could not get it off!  So here I am in front of a room of ladies squealing and crying :"get it off!  get it off!"  Ebbye couldn't get it off, but Praise the Lord, Clarrisa's husband had not left yet, and he "just happened" to be in the kitchen at that precise momnet and was able to pull the cork off the bottle!  Wow did that hurt!  And then I still needed to host the baby shower!  LOL  Luckily the ladies I did not know had not arrived yet and my embarresment was only in front of my friends who are quite used to me hurting my self in weird ways!  :)
Okay, back to the punch!  I would reccomend only serving half the punch at a time in order to keep it cold.  I think I might try adding some pureed strawberries to it next time!  YUM!
Hope you enjoy!

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