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Thursday, April 14, 2011

New Apron Pattern!

Isn't this just the cutest apron you have ever seen?  Remember the laptop bag I had made here: http://missyscakesandaprons.blogspot.com/2011/04/lap-top-bag.html ?  Bobbi had sent me two patterns to review and here is the other pattern - an apron!!  I love this apron, it is so fun anf flirty.  I didn't have enough flannel for the tie though - I had used two old baby blankets I had picked up from somewhere.  The blue flannel with this apron was perfect and I saved money by not having to buy the flannel!!  I also did not take the time to make the scalloped edge and just ruffled it instead.  The apron is supposed to look like this: 
  This is Bobbi's apron, isn't it adorable? I borrowed the picture from her website to show you what it is supposed to look like, I have a hard time sticking to apron patterns!  LOL  She used a ribbon for her tie, and I really like it!
I also forgot to add two pieces of fabric onto the skirt of the fabric, thankfully the apron is wide enough you don't notice!  LOL  Next time I will take the time to make the scalloped edge though because it is so cute!  If you want to buy the pattern, you can buy it here:  http://www.etsy.com/listing/66962511/pattern-rag-apron-quilt-full   Don't forget to stop in at her blog here:  http://www.iamonly1woman.blogspot.com/  .
Now comes the hard part, making myself sell this apron instead of keeping it for myself!!  LOL


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

They both look cute!!

retrorevival.biz said...

Love the apron! Super cute:)

bib apron shop said...

they both cute but my favorite are the first photo, lady-like and the color was so cute. i like the color.

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