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Thursday, June 5, 2014

New Prayer Quilt Needed and a Tutorial

Hello my friends!  I need help with another prayer quilt.  Since I have moved to MO I do not have a quilting group now to help me make prayer quilts (I'm still looking!) so I really appreciate any help I get from ya'll!  This quilt is for my Uncle Johnny Hobgood.  Over the past few weeks he was diagnosed with throat cancer (they think it may be from the inhalers he has used for the past 50 years).  He does not smoke or drink.  After his pet scan, the doctors realized it has gone into his bones and it is already stage 4!  My mom says that it is going to take a miracle for him to go into remission.  He is only 55 years old, very young for this to happen.  They started chemo and radiation this week which will go for six weeks.  I would like for him to have this quilt as he starts feeling worse during these procedures.  If you can help me make some blocks for his quilt I would appreciate it.  Leave me a message and I will email you my address.  I know it is short notice but I would like the blocks around June18th, this will give me time to make any additional blocks that is needed to balance out the quilt and get it quilted.

The quilt is going to be blue and cream 12 inch finished nine patch, 12 1/2 inch unfinished.  I know most of you know how to make them, but here is a tutorial on how to make it and which way to press your seams.

Start with 4 1/2 inch blocks.  Lay them out alternating cream and blue.  I am counting the blue on cream as a cream since it is a light colored block.
 As you can see here, I sewed the first two blocks in each row together.
 Always press towards the dark color or blue in this case.
 Finish sewing your rows together.
 Then sew the three rows together and press towards the row with two blues.  This will help all of the blocks to nestle together.
 Watch out for your cat's fuzzy tail!  He somehow got it caught in one of the straight pins.
 Brother and sister (Oreo and Cupcake) have to be close to me while I am sewing!
 I am using my hand crank since I can't use my treadle until my knee heals more.
 I am making the blocks in alternating colors so that when I sew them together they will still match up blue and cream.  That is why I have to wait to make all of my blocks until I see which color variance is needed the most.

This block will have my signature penguin material in it!
 It is a scrappy nine patch and I am using solids and prints mixed together.  I really like that effect.  I am using some calicoes, I just ask that there is nothing too girly please.  I have some gorgeous blue fabric with roses on it but it was not appropriate for this quilt.
Thank you in advance to anyone who can help!

Remember, June 18 and leave me a comment if you can help.  I've had some people reply lately that are no reply bloggers and I have no way of contacting them, so if in doubt - leave your email address.

If you cannot help with a block please pray for Uncle Johnny because that is what he really needs right now - a miracle.  If something was to happen and he does not make it, I want this quilt to be a blessing to my Aunt Debbie.  Please also be in prayer for her.

I am on a hunt for a hat this weekend to send him for when he starts losing his hair.



Kristie said...

Hi girlie! Keeping your dear uncle in my prayers. Count me in on a block!!! Let me know where to send it! :)

Have a wonderful and Blessed day

Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

Awe my great uncle was just diagnosed too with some form of lung cancer. I would love to send you a few blocks.

Sarah said...

Luckily Zorro keeps his fluffy tail away from my pins, pressure foot, etc! And luckily your table is big enough for the siblings and room for you to work. Send me your address and I'll send a block!

donna said...

I am so sorry to hear about your uncle my dear. Know that he will be in my prayers. Geez, I use an inhaler everyday for my asthma.

Linda Bouffard said...

Your fur babies are pretty cute! I like the quilt also. Blessings. Linda

Scrapatches said...

Hi, Missy ... {{{{hugs and prayers for your Uncle Johnny and for you and your family}}}
My quilty kitties and I made a pair of blocks with blue tonals and a blue geometric print and a cream background fabric. Please send my your address and I will put then in an envelope with a couple of stamps and send out tomorrow. I hope my blocks play nice with the other blocks.
May your knee soon feel better, too ... <3 Pat

Allison in Plano said...

Oh Missy, I'm sorry to hear about your Uncle. I've prayed for him, his wife and you. Such a hard time to go through. I contacted Valerie. I'll be cutting some blocks tonight to contribute. Thanks for the tutorial. Since the Cranky Treadler retreat is not going to happen this week, it will be great to sew these on my new to me Minnesota A treadle I had planned to use. Hugs, Allison

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