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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dogwood Quilting Quilt Shop

While in Missouri, my husband was sweet enough to stop and let me look at some quilt shops.  We stopped in one at Ava, MO.  It was called Dogwood Quilting.
I had fun looking at all of the quilts. 

 I loved their shelves and the way it was organized.

I just had to laugh, it was a small town and I'm sure they are not used to having strangers there and the young lady followed us through the entire store.
We do not have internet this week, so I'm sorry about the lack of posts.  If you made a comment on my blog, I try to answer all comments, but I'm not sure if my replies went through on my phone while I was out of town, so I'm sorry if I did not reply!
I hope you enjoyed this eye candy today!

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Katt said...

Actually, they follow everyone around ... sort of like puppy dogs. I know this because I live here. They are actually quite helpful, and do carry things that you cannot find elsewhere nearby. Their prices, however, are a bit high ... you can often find the exact same fabric at WalMart for much less. On the other hand, they carry fabrics WalMart does not carry. And they do have some wonderful patterns as well.

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