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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Heart Quilt Shop

I found another cute quilt shop on the way home from Missouri.  It has to be the cutest quilt shop I have ever seen!
 I love the log cabin!~  We were driving down the Highway and saw it.  It is at 8874 HWY 62 West, Harrison, AR
 A husband and wife team make all the quilts.  Brian and Tena, she does the piecing and he does the quilting.  They even have quilts for men, like this camouflage one.
 Every corner of space is filled, this is the checkout area.
 My husband loved this quilt.  They call the pattern "log cabin windows", it is made with flannel and super soft.
 Here is a lighter colored version.
 I really like the colors in this green quilt.
 I love the sock monkeys, they also had sock monkey quilts, material and kits!
 This has to be the cutest bag holder ever!
 I love the quilting on this one.
 These flowers were appliqued on.  (I just noticed I was in the picture!  Please don't look, I had been traveling and I forgot my makeup at home!)
 My mom would love this butterfly one.
They also sold some material, pin cushions, etc.  I bought a cute pair of scissors.  Here is their website  http://heartquiltshop.com/  I hope you enjoyed browsing through their quilt shop as much as I did!


Connie Kresin Campbell said...

What a fun shop, I always enjoy finding new ones if we go somewhere!

barbara woods said...

i love that bag holder too

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